Stronger, Safer Future

Stronger, Safer Future

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The Progressives

The Progressives was born in 2002 by the realisation by its founding members that the future of the Cayman Islands would be best served by a grassroots political organisation built from the ground up. By 2005 the Progressives (PPM) won all the seats it contested and were joined by Moses Kirkconnell from Cayman Brac to form the Government. Following an ambitious capital works programme that had to be curtailed due to the 2008 worldwide recession, the Party found itself in Opposition for four years. Elected to Government in 2013 and again as part of a coalition in 2017, The Progressives have ensured that the Cayman Islands are the envy of far larger and more resource rich countries in the region, by dint of prudent financial management and robust policies in tourism and financial services. The Government's management of the COVID-19 pandemic has been praised by its own citizens and by others far and wide.

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